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    During periods of anxiety, the body triggers a set of symptoms, called the stress response, which activate our sympathetic nervous system. Breathing becomes shallow and rapid, heart rate increases and muscles become tense. This is frequently referred to as “fight or flight”. It’s okay to experience the stress response on occasion, because it’s our body’s way of alerting us of danger and engaging our physiology to remove us from the threat.

    We are not designed to stay in this stress response mode for extended periods of time, though. It can feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. That’s anxiety! So to counteract those feelings, we can activate the relaxation response (the parasympathetic nervous system) which causes our breathing to become deeper and slower. The feelings and symptoms of anxiety fade away bringing us back into a calm and balanced state of being.

    Deep Breathing Triggers the Relaxation Response!

    This guided deep breathing recording will take you through the steps to activate your relaxation response, dissolving the symptoms of anxiety. After practicing this deep breathing technique by listening to the recording regularly, you’ll learn how to activate your relaxation response anytime and anyplace.